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This site allows reviews and ratings of fishing charter operators on the Gold Coast.

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Discover the best deep sea fishing tour companies on the Gold Coast. You can also review them.

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Relax in comfort with Calm Water Fishing Tours on Gold Coast. You can also review and rate them.

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Find where to hire a boat on Gold Coast. Some boat hire companies don’t need a boat license.

Not everyone is a fishing expert. But everyone loves fishing. So why not go on a Gold Coast Tour? The charters and tours that we recommend area world class. These tours are not just for tourists, we have people from the Gold Coast come out with us regularly. So if locals love it, then tourists are going to love it just as much.

Fishing Charters

If you are looking for something for your crew, then speak to us about having a Fishing Charter. This is a great way for a group of people to

Boat Hire Gold Coast

Getting out on the water is something that you must experience. You can go outside on a deep sea fishing adventure or stay on the calm and clear Broadwater. The Broadwater is a calm body of water that is ideal for families or for those of you who just want to kick back and take it easy. Of course, the Broadwater is great if you have a JetSki. You can run around on the Broadwater and then if you are game, check out the Gold Coast Seaway. The Gold Coast Seaway is the gateway to the ocean. If you choose to ride Jet Skis in the Seaway, remember to take care as it is obviously a high traffic area for boats and other watercraft. fishing

Fishing Photo Gallery

We are going to be starting our own fishing gallery within the next few months. The aim of this is to see exactly what you can expect from each of the tour operators. We will keep you in the loop with developments, but we envisage that it will be approximately up in mid 2016. We can’t wait! In the mean time, if you want to send us any of your fishing photos, please feel free to do so.